Professional and modern approach to projects, educated and expert team, positive energy and abundance of ideas have attracted renowned world brands as our partners. Continuous investments into employee education and rising of their work and creative skills make good basis for project implementation. Apart from responding promptly and efficiently to current market demands, we pick and choose high quality cosmetic, OTC products, food supplements and medical products, and this way we contribute to bettering the quality of life of our customers. We have established strong dermatological products portfolio because of detailed analysis and use of appropriate marketing strategies, making us recognizable on the market because of the companies we represent.

Besides the dermatology segment, we have achieved large progress in representation of medical devices for hospital segment. Confirmation of the quality of our approach came as the award from partner Stryker, awarded for 2014, as the best regional partner among 92 Stryker distributors. Last year our strategy was based on adapting the prices to the market that is greatly influenced by the crisis. Positive results of set plans provide us with the clear overview of the previous period and we believe that our future business partners will recognize our quality and show us their trust.

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