There are products that the whole world knows, that have a cult status and that are not discussed. Various creams are produced in France, but when the world says "French cream" they mean only one: Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré.

The favorite cream of Parisians that has become a myth.

In 1950, a Parisian dermatologist specializing in skin pathology created the Lait-Crème Concentré cream, which became a myth. Based on his experience, the cream should contain only the essential active substances needed by the skin to keep it hydrated, smooth and nourished. This very simple principle is the best representation of the professional knowledge and experience of a dermatologist, which even today after more than 70 years forms the essence of the philosophy of the Embryolisse brand.

It has been adored by Parisian women, make-up artists and models since the 1950s, and the popularity of Embyolisse continues to grow because it follows world trends and develops product palettes with simple but effective formulations based on natural ingredients that restore softness, fullness and suppleness to the skin. Read more about Embryolisse products at https://visk.hr/linije/embryolisse/